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Amino Micro Mono Power Zinc

Amino Acid Chelated Single Micro Nutrients Fertilizer

Amino Micro Mono Power Zinc is amino acids chelates with Zinc 100% available to the plants. The presence of Amino Acids, a natural bio-activator, improves the biological activity of the soil. It helps to correct Zinc deficiencies in plants when applied as foliar spray. In addition to being an essential component of various enzyme systems for energy production, Zinc is required in protein synthesis and growth regulation. Zinc-deficient plants also exhibit delayed maturity. Since Zinc is not mobile in plant, Zinc-deficiency symptoms occur mainly in new growth. This lack of mobility in plants suggests the need for a constant supply of available Zinc for optimum growth. Our chelated success formula nutrients are in natural form ready for plant absorption. The organic coating around the chelated nutrients allows it to penetrate through the wax into the leaf. Once in the leaf, the chelate releases the nutrients. Making amino acid chelated with ZINK is highly effective for farmlands lack of its particular elements in soil. Though it is commonly used in foliar feed, it can also be used with basal fertilizer. Our Amino Acid in AMOP - Zinc reaches 25% of content, and Zinc chelated element content 10%.

It is highly effective, natural, and completely soluble in water for fast absorption. This is the ideal fertilizer to give high yields for balancing nutrients in the farmland, improving fertility of farmland, preventing and curing crop disease and improving agri-product qualities.


Improve the activity of enzyme inside the plant, participate in the compound process of crop growth, boost crop growth, prevent and cure little-leaf and shrinking disease of the plants.


1. Foliar Feed

750-1500 g per hectare with concentration 2g/liter, use 2-3 times in complete procreation period. Spray during the main nutrition growth and procreation growth for best effect.

2. Soil Feed

15-23 Kg per hectare. Mix evenly complex fertilizer, special fertilizer, organic fertilizer into dry thin soil, or apply water with 500-1000 dilution, by pour, drop or rinse.

Please note during use:

1. The product series can be mixed with pesticide, but not suitable for mixing with alkaline pesticide.

2. The product is in powder form, which is easily damped. Put product in dry place, while effect remains unchanged even they become agglomeration. Use of fertilizer without raining weather condition within six hours.

Amino Acid 25%
Micro Nutrients (Zn) 10%
Feed  Foliar or Basal
Form Powder
Color Beige