Amino Acid Pure Powder

Amino Acid Raw Powder

Our Amino Acid Powder contains eighteen vital and active amino acid ingredients which are best use on crops as well as fish/pawn bleed and feed.

Fertilizer Mixture

Our Amino Acid powder are extracted from natural animal sources such as feather hairs and through advanced process of extraction and development, it itself can be used as a nutrient source for plants like fertilizer, or it could be used as a mixture raw which will be further developed as fertilizer.

Fish Bleed:

Amino Acid not only can be used as plant nutrients and carrier for effective plant grown, it can also be used as marine feed source such as fish-feed and pawn-feed and practical use of amino acid as marine bleed source has demonstrated increase of yields and healthy product yields.

Applying Amino Acid as source of fish bleed can:

- Enhance intake of calcium by fish or marine bleed and increase of Lysine (Amino Acid) can further enhance of calcium intake.

- Maintain and supplement the quality of fish bleed from the original feed source.

- Enhance resistance of stressor of fish or marine bleed. Stressors are leading induction of recessive virus and biophore of fish bleed. (i.e. In nowadays bleeding industry, more stressors are induced because of external stimulant such as the high concentration, pollution, low temperature).

- Enhance strength and health of marine bleed, which can enhance the growth rate of marine bleed.

- Alleviate the restraint of weight which are caused by the presence of Chlorine.

Amino Acid 40%
Amino Elements 18
Form Powder
Color Beige