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Active Silicon

Active Silicon with Chelated Micro-Nutrients Granular Fertilizer

SILICON is an indispensable secondary element for crops, ranking the FOURTH MOST VITAL NUTRITIOUS ELEMENT after Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium.

Active-Silicon Fertilizer is a good regulator for plant growth. It is produced with activited-silicon (Activation processing of silicon make crops more easy to absorb), with secondary and microelements and amino acid being added. It acts uniquely to ameliorate the soil structure of red loam soil and saline and alkaline land. The excellent effects and technology development of this fertilizer is highly appraised by the Ministry of Science and Technology of China. Fertipower continue to develop various micro nutrients added silicon fertilizers from broad-use type to specific-use type to meet various demands for crops.


Quality contents of this product are:
- Effective Silicon >20%
- Secondary Element Ca + Mg + S > 8%
- Microelement Zn + Fe + Mn + B + Cu > 2%


The product improves photosynthesis process of plants and regulates plant-growing mechanism. It also supplements secondary and micro-nutrients and critically enhances the yield and quality of plant. This product strengthens pollen ability, enhances blossoming, and strengthening pollen ability, fruit size and volume.

What's more, it diminishes the risk of plant diseases and pests and increases resistance to draught, disease, lodging, etc.


It could work as basal fertilizer on surface soil or by top dressing. It can be mixed with manure or organic fertilizer or complex compound fertilizer. 150-300Kgs is recommended to one hectare through spraying, or drill-bury, or ditch-bury.

Effective Silicon 20%
Ca + Mg + S 8%
Zn+Fe+Mn+B+Cu > 2%
Form Granule
Color Grey