AA Power

AA Power

N-P-K with Amino Chelated Micro Nutrients

AA POWER is a new fertilizer rich in Aminophenol chelated elements and natural active plant nurture. It is produced through specific processes and is configured with suitable proportion of Nitrogen, Phosphor and Potassium with additions of Aminophenol chelated micro nutrients and natural active plant nurture for different soil types and crop varieties. Based on various credit reports, tests have proved with its outstanding effects of improving quality and increasing yields.


AA Power contains (AA - 40%, 33%, 28%, 28%(Type S), 20%, 10%) Quality contents of products are:
- Aminophenol content > 2.0 - 5.0%
- N + P2O5 + K2O > 18.0 - 44.0%
- Organic substance > 30%


Use of this fertilizer can alleviate and prevent the occurrence and harm of plant pest, e.g. stifle of rice plant; rust and smut of wheat and barley; blight, crown and root rot, purple and brown leaf spot of cotton; late-blight, soft rot, scab and dry rot of potato; yellow of maize; broken fruit, abnormal fruit, hollow fruit, rot hilum, brown spot of tomato; mosaic leaf of tea tree, mulberry, and fruit tree and hemps; dry and burnt heart of Chinese cabbage.


The use and dosage of AA Power is similar to the regular compound fertilizer. It can usually be used as basal fertilizer or as supplementary fertilizer. The dosage per hectare is the same as that of regular compound fertilizer of which the nutrients is higher by 10%.

Please note during use:

1. Avoid damp condition during transportation, store in dry place.

2. At soil seriously lack of phosphorus and potassium elements as well as micro-nutrients, increase the dosage of phosphorus and potassium fertilizer and apply 7.5-15Kg AminoMicro Power as well.

N-P-K 2-4-4/3-8-9/10-8-10/14-13-13
Amino Acid 2%
Organic Matter (depend on type) 20-30%
Form Granule
Color Depend on type