10 Most Asked Questions
Here's a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) from our customers.

  • On which crops can AMP be applied on?
    • AMP is a whole-range forumula suitable for almost all categories of crops. It can be applied on any economic crops, fruit trees, flowers, and leaf-type crops like Tobacco and tea.
  • Does our chelated products contain additives or chemical hormones to bring a higher crop yield?
    • Our products encourage growth of plants because of the chelated process instead of chemical stimulants. The chelated effects make crops arouse its enzymatic reactions in itself.
  • When we diluted the product with water, there were residues which sunk to the bottom. Is this normal?
    • The chelation technology is a complicated process, and during this process it forms tiny crystals. It doesn't affect the effectiveness of the product, and it shows no indication of any expiry or defect of products.
  • The product has a strong smell, is this right?
    • The smell comes from the Amino Acid which has a strong smell with no harm. Amino Acid is organic and its smell shows that it is not just synthetic composed chemical substances. Research shows that some pests are resistant to the strong smell, and they are less interested in plants with that smell.
  • How does AMP make the plants attract less pest?
    • Amino Acid makes the plant itself strong and healthy so that the plants resist the pest by itself. It is like a human who has healthy body which can override some virus or disease. And research show evidence that some pests are resistant to the strong smell and they are less interested with plants under that smell.
  • How can foliar fertilizers be applied on tall trees, like palm or date trees?
    • Ways to use AMP on high trees by 1. Use high hydro-power pump system or plane spraying on leaves of high trees. 2. Use it as basal fertilizer by diluting the AMP and pour on soil around the crop. 3. Spray and paint on the main branch. ** (Use it under technical advsie)
  • How can AMP reach a yield growth up to 50%?
    • Our range of products, do not only (like chemical fertilizer) boost nutrients into plants, but acctually lock and feed the nutrients in to plants effectively. AMP: It serves the effectiveness. The more barren the soil is, the more effect you can see in the yield increase. AAP: Give the necessary NPK and make the soil balanced for a better environment for crops. AMOP: It supplements particular single elements in chelated form. ActivSilicon: It serves on certain plants by supplementing necessary nutrients.
  • After use of AMP, the crops don't show much difference in growth. Will we still see a growth in yield?
    • Chelated fertilizer doesn't make the plant grows crazily for taller comparison. Instead, it controls the plants growth and locks in the nutrients in the plants so that it grows more concentrated for its yield. Usually however, we can see that the plant in a growing period shows stronger and healthier leaves, more resistant to pest and adverse weather.
  • After packaging is opened, it becomes caked, is this normal?
    • Amino Acid is a high absorbing agent and it will agglomerate (form clusters). But it does not affect the effectiveness of the product, and it dilutes completely with water again by stirring.
  • Can the APP be used for Prawn Feed?
    • Amino Acid is necessary for plants and also as a supplement for sea feeds. It can be used as prawn feed, however this should only be done under specialized techniques which requiers experienced experts. Pleas consult our technicians before such use.