Major Nutrients

Of the major nutrients, nitrogen (N) is often required in the greatest quantity by crops, primarily for vigor and yield. Nitrogen plays a key role in chlorophyll production and protein synthesis. Chlorophyll is the green plant pigment responsible for photosynthesis. When nitrogen is deficient, plants develop yellow or pale leaves and their growth is stunted.

Phosphorus (P), is a vital component of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) which supplies the energy for many processes in the plant.  Phosphorus rarely produces spectacular growth responses, but is fundamental to the successful development of all crops. For example, maize or other corn crops that lack phosphorus during the growing season achieve lower yields.

Potassium (K) is needed by virtually all crops and often in higher rates than nitrogen. Potassium regulates the plant’s water content and expansion. It is key to achieving good yield and quality in cotton and critical for increasing the size, juice content and sweetness of fruit.

The use of chemical fertilizers and scientific management of plant nutrition has resulted into yield improvement. However to boost up immunity of crops it is essential to use amino acids.

Our Chelated technology nutrients are in natural form ready for plant absorption. The organic coating around the chelated nutrients allows it to penetrate through the wax into the leaf. Once in the leaf, the chelate releases the nutrients.

Amino Micro Power® has 18 type free and L form amino acids in its formula which penetrates into the physiochemical and biochemical system of the plant.

  • Benefits of using Amino Micro Power®
    • Photosynthesis Process is enhanced and leads to better synthesis of chlorophyll and helps to improve yield.
    • Reduces flower and fruit drop.
    • Improves rate of absorption of fertilizers (NPK)
    • Helps to withstand stress conditions like drought, frost & attack of insect by improving immunity.
    • Improves yield and keeping quality of fruits, vegetables as well as other perennial crops.
    • Improves profitability.

Results achieved on different crops by using Amino Micro Power®


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